Guelph Youth Singers



Building choral excellence in our community

Guelph Youth Singers (GYS) is an award winning choir with deep roots in our community for over 20 years . GYS works to build choral excellence in Guelph by developing the artistic soul and musical skills of children and youth. Audiences in Guelph are delighted when they hear our 90 young choristers. Our recordings are sold throughout North America and beyond, and have branded Guelph as a city that values the arts and produces an excellent product.




See Some Pictures taken during the recent
Guelph Youth Singers Annual Spring Concert.

Assistant conductor (part-time) position available
          * If interested, please email us before Jun 30, 2014

Raffle winners of the season

Deadline is July 31st, 2014 forYou can also nominate us at:




Do you love to sing?


We're holding Auditons for our three choirs, ages 6-18.

Please contact our administrator Cathy Meggison (519-821-8574) for an appointment.

Guelph Youth Singers audition dates available for entry in September 2014

New Choir for Young Men through Guelph Youth Singers